Meet Esther Perez-Quesada, Clinical Supervisor in Chatham. Esther’s journey in the field of Behavior Analysis is rooted in her passion for making a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals. Her career began while working with children with mental and physical disabilities in a hospital setting, where she discovered her calling for supporting the special needs population in a more functional and purposeful way. Esther’s  interest in behavior analysis deepened as she observed various therapies, and it was during this time that she found inspiration in the role of a behavior analyst.

Driven by a sincere desire to contribute to the well-being of individuals and make the world a better place, Esther joined Paragon in 2019 as a Behavior Specialist. Over the years, she has excelled in her roles, progressing from a Behavior Specialist to a Student Analyst, and currently serving as a Clinical Supervisor.

Esther holds a Bachelor’s in Journalism from the City College of New York and has completed her Applied Behavior Analysis coursework through the University of West Florida. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Esther brings a diverse set of skills to her role.

Originally from Queens, New York, Esther brings warmth and a love for adventure to the team. She enjoys baking and embraces thrilling sports such as skydiving and zip-lining. With her sights set on continued professional growth, Esther is dedicated to completing her BCBA in the near future. Esther embodies Paragon’s commitment to excellence and compassionate care in the field of Behavior Analysis.