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If you’re a healthcare provider, school, or parent in need of professional assistance, simply complete one of our forms below to begin accessing our services.

Our Process: ABA Therapy

Here is an overview of what you can expect when contacting Paragon Autism Services and the process of starting ABA Therapy:

1- Call or Complete “Contact Us” Below

Our Intake and HR Manager, Lori, will follow up with you if to complete the Intake Screener and/or to address any questions you may have about ABA services. You will complete a short 15 minute phone screening to determine eligibility for services. If you are eligible for services, Lori will either schedule your intake or place you on our waiting list. If you are not eligible for our services or if ABA does not meet your needs, Lori will offer guidance and provide additional resources to help you access the services you need.

2- Complete the Intake

During the intake, one of our more of our Board Certified staff members will conduct a thorough intake, involving the review of background information, individual needs and goals, family/caregiver needs and goals, as well as performing a functional behavioral assessment(s) and one or more skill assessments.

3- Review the Plan

Following the assessments, our Board Certified staff member will develop a comprehensive Individualized Service Plan (ISP). The ISP includes assessment results, skill acquisition, and behavior reduction goals for the individual, goals for the family/caregivers, recommended therapy hours, and the discharge plan. The staff member will discuss and review this plan with you. Once both you and the staff member agree that it is ready, it will be submitted for authorization to your insurance.

4- Get Started!

If there are any obstacles to obtaining authorization, our staff will advocate on your behalf. Once the authorization is approved by your insurance, ABA therapy will begin.

Our Process: Counseling Services

Here is an overview of what you can expect when contacting Paragon Autism Services and the process of starting counseling:

1- Complete the Intake Screener

Complete the Counseling Intake Screener. The Director of Outpatient Counseling will review your screener and provide personalized recommendations based on your needs.

2- Intake Manager’s Contact

Our Intake Manager will reach out to inform you about your position on the waitlist or to schedule your initial session.

3- Prepare for Your First Session

Before your first session, return the completed Intake Paperwork that was sent to you. Arrive 10 minutes early for your scheduled session, bringing your insurance card (if applicable) and a government-issued ID.

Insurances Accepted

Proudly Supporting Medicaid Since 2013, we are an in-network provider for the following insurance plans:

Acentra Health

ABA Therapy

Aetna Better Health

ABA Therapy and Counseling

Anthem HealthKeepers Plus

ABA Therapy

Molina Healthcare

ABA Therapy

Sentara Community Plan

ABA Therapy and Counseling

United Healthcare Community Plan

ABA Therapy

Self-Pay and Single-Case Options

Counseling services are also available through these options, see below for our rates:

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