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Empowering Caregivers of Individuals with Special Needs

We understand the importance of supporting caregivers in their journey of caring for individuals with autism and related disorders. Our Caregiver Consultation Specialists are dedicated to providing caregivers with the necessary tools and strategies to support their loved ones. We recognize that the needs of individuals may change over time, and our consultations aim to offer ongoing support throughout these transitions.

Our Goal

Our goal is to empower caregivers by equipping them with the knowledge and skills to effectively address current challenges and adapt to future needs. At Paragon Autism Services, we offer Caregiver Consultation services facilitated by our experienced Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). Our BCBAs bring their expertise in Applied Behavior Analysis and Caregiver Training to guide and support caregivers.

Personalized Guidance & Support

We understand that caregivers play a crucial role in an individual’s progress, and we recognize the unique needs of each family. From the initial intake process to the completion of our services, we provide personalized guidance and assistance to every caregiver. We are committed to ensuring that caregivers have the necessary support and resources to provide the best care for their loved ones throughout their journey.

Scope of Services

Caregiver Consultation services are designed to meet the needs of families who require limited assistance and those on our waitlist for comprehensive services. It also serves as a step-down option for families transitioning from comprehensive services. The scope of our consultation services is focused on skill acquisition and behavior reduction, providing targeted support to address specific areas of concern.

Tailored to Your Needs

By offering Caregiver Consultation services, we provide a consultative approach that complements our comprehensive ABA services. While our comprehensive services offer a more intensive and all-encompassing approach, Caregiver Consultation services are tailored to meet immediate needs and provide ongoing support in a focused manner.

Support Unique Family Challenges

We recognize that every family’s journey is unique, and our Caregiver Consultation services are designed to address the specific challenges and goals of each family. With the guidance of our experienced BCBAs, caregivers can gain valuable insights, practical strategies, and the confidence to navigate the complexities of supporting individuals with autism and related disorders.

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Our Consultation Process

Initial Assessment

Our Caregiver Consultation Specialists at Paragon Autism Services plays a vital role in conducting initial assessments and evaluations to gather essential information. These assessments aim to gain a comprehensive understanding of various aspects related to the individual and their family. Some key areas that our Caregiver Consultation Specialist focuses on include:

  • Individual Assessment: Our liaison will gather information about the individual, including their preferences, interests, and unique characteristics. This helps in tailoring the intervention and support to meet their specific needs.
  • Household and Family Values: Understanding the dynamics of the household and the family’s values is crucial for providing culturally sensitive and individualized care. Our liaison gathers this information to ensure that our services align with the family’s beliefs and values.
  • Strengths and Areas of Need: By assessing the strengths and areas of need of the individual, our liaison can identify areas where they excel and areas where they may require additional support. This information guides the development of personalized intervention plans.
  • Problem Behaviors: If there are any problem behaviors that require intervention, our liaison will assess and gather information about these behaviors. This helps in understanding the factors contributing to these behaviors and developing effective behavior intervention strategies.
  • Caregiver Support Needs and Priorities: Our liaison recognizes the crucial role of caregivers in the individual’s progress and well-being. Assessing the support needs and priorities of caregivers allows us to provide tailored guidance, training, and resources to support their role effectively.

By conducting these assessments and evaluations, our Caregiver Consultation Specialists can gather comprehensive information to guide the development of individualized support plans and interventions that align with the individual’s needs and the values of their family.

Comprehensive Treatment Plan

After completing the assessment process, our Caregiver Consultation Specialists at Paragon Autism Services will collaborate with you to create a comprehensive treatment plan. Here are the key steps involved in the treatment planning process:

  • Establish Specific Goals for Skill Acquisition: Together with the caregiver, the Specialist will identify and establish specific goals for skill acquisition that are tailored to the individual’s needs and priorities. These goals may include areas such as communication, bedtime socialization, self-help skills, toileting, and feeding.
  • Establish Specific Goals for Behavior Reduction: If there are problem behaviors that require intervention, the Specialist will work with you to establish specific goals for behavior reduction. These goals will focus on addressing and reducing problematic behaviors to promote positive and adaptive behaviors.
  • Establish Caregiver-Specific Goals: Recognizing the important role of caregivers in the individual’s progress, the Specialist will help identify and establish specific goals for caregivers. These goals may involve acquiring specific skills or strategies to support the individual’s development and well-being effectively.
  • Develop Interventions and Strategies: Based on the identified goals, the Specialist will collaborate with you to develop interventions and strategies that will be utilized to meet those goals. These may include evidence-based techniques from Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and other relevant therapeutic approaches.
  • Plan a Seamless Transition: If Consultative ABA Services are being transitioned to Intensive ABA Services, the Specialist will work closely with you to ensure a smooth and coordinated transition process. This may involve coordinating with the treatment team, developing a comprehensive plan, meeting with related services providers, and addressing any concerns or questions.

Throughout the treatment planning process, our Liaison will maintain open communication, address any questions or concerns, and ensure that the treatment plan reflects the individual’s needs and goals. The collaborative effort between the Specialist and the caregiver helps create a customized and effective treatment plan that promotes the individual’s progress and well-being.


Once authorization is received, you will meet weekly with the Caregiver Consultant Specialists once a week to cover a range of essential intervention components. These include:

  • Initial and Ongoing Trainings: Your Specialist will provide initial training to help you understand and implement the interventions and strategies outlined in the treatment plan. Ongoing training will also be provided to ensure that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to support the individual effectively.
  • Implementation of Interventions and Strategies: The Specialist will work with you to implement the interventions and strategies in various settings, including the home, community, and school environments. This collaborative approach ensures consistent support and guidance for the individual.
  • Data Collection: Outside of consultation sessions, data will be collected to gather information and monitor progress. This data is crucial for the development and modification of interventions, allowing for data-driven decision-making in the treatment process.
  • Meetings: Regular meetings will be scheduled to discuss progress, identify barriers, address day-to-day needs, and coordinate care. These meetings provide an opportunity to review the individual’s progress, address any concerns or challenges, and make any necessary adjustments to the treatment plan.
  • Ongoing Collaboration and Feedback: Your Specialist will maintain ongoing collaboration with you, providing feedback and guidance. This collaborative relationship allows for treatment modifications based on the individual’s changing needs, ensuring that interventions remain effective and relevant.

By incorporating these components into the treatment process, your Caregiver Consultation Specialist aims to provide comprehensive support and guidance, address barriers and challenges, and facilitate the individual’s progress and development effectively.

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