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Empowering Caregivers, Enriching Lives: Your Partner in Therapeutic Consultation

Our Therapeutic Consultation services are specifically designed to empower individuals and their caregivers. We focus on addressing behavioral barriers and increasing functional skills, by working closely with family members, caregivers, care providers, and others who support the individual throughout their lifespan journey.

At Paragon Autism Services, LLC, we are dedicated to providing quality person-centered Applied Behavior Analysis therapy for individuals receiving Virginia Waiver-Based Services throughout their lifespan. This includes:

  • Your dedicated Behavior Analyst will start by conducting in-depth interviews with individuals, family members, caregivers, support staff, and relevant persons.
  • They will identify key barriers and analyze them to ensure personalized treatments tailored to address specific challenges.
  • These assessments will help in the development of the support plan designed by your Behavior Analyst to increase desired replacement behaviors and decrease interfering behaviors so that the individual can meet their ISP goals.

Person-Centered Support Plans

  • We believe in person-centered care. That’s why your Behavior Analyst will create a comprehensive treatment plan that outline interventions, environmental adjustments, and support strategies customized to the individual’s unique needs.
  • Your Behavior Analyst will observe the individual in their daily activities and natural settings to assess existing supports and plans as well as other areas of need.
  • Your Behavior Analysts may work directly with the individual to model behavioral interventions so that caregivers can independently implement the strategies in their daily lives.

We ensure that no client is removed from the waitlist or case is accepted until we have a dedicated staff member available who can fully support the individual’s needs.

We prioritizes the preferences, needs, and values of an individual, ensuring they actively participate in determining their care or support, fostering autonomy and dignity in the decision-making process.

We’re prepared to support our clients whether they require just a few service hours per month or many. We ensure each individual receives the dedicated support they need.

At Paragon, all staff have the option of full-time salaried employment, promoting consistency for our clients and preventing gaps in treatment.

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