Fall Adventures: Free Downloadable Social Story for Families

At Paragon Autism Services, we understand that the transition to fall outings can be both exciting and challenging for families with children who are neurodiverse. The changing leaves, cooler weather, and sensory-rich experiences of autumn can be a lot to take in. That’s why we’ve created a special gift for you – a free downloadable social story that will help make your fall adventures more enjoyable for your child and the whole family.

Our Free Fall Adventure Social Story

Download Your Free Social Story here: _Paragon’s Free Fall Social Story_2023

How to Use the Social Story

Using our Fall Adventures Social Story is simple:

  1. Download: Click the download link provided above to get your free copy.
  2. Read Together: Sit down with your child and read the story together. You can do this multiple times to reinforce the message.
  3. Discussion: Encourage your child to ask questions and share their thoughts about the upcoming fall adventure.
  4. Visual Aids: Use visuals or props to enhance understanding. For example, you can show pictures of fall leaves or dress up in fall clothing.
  5. Practice: Before your outing, practice some of the activities mentioned in the story, such as taking a break or observing nature.

Understanding the Importance of Social Stories

Social stories are a fantastic resource for children. They provide a structured way to explain new or unfamiliar situations, making them less daunting and more predictable. At Paragon Autism Services, we’re dedicated to supporting families on their journey. Our free Fall Adventures Social Story is a small but meaningful way to help make your fall outings enjoyable, comfortable, and memorable for your child and the entire family.

Download your free copy now and embark on an autumn adventure filled with colorful leaves, joyful moments, and cherished memories. We’re here to support you every step of the way.