Meet Tressa Tomei, a caring and skilled Caregiver Consultation Specialist. Prior to joining Paragon as Board Certified Behavior Analyst seven years ago, she worked at a private not-for-profit school in Florida with individuals with special needs. She has a strong ability to understand and guide caregivers in managing challenging behaviors and specializes in helping nonverbal children develop communication using various methods, such as vocals and AAC. Tressa’s main focus is to use her expertise in ABA to assist caregivers, empowering them to actively participate in their child’s development.

Outside of her professional life, Tressa finds joy and creative expression in the kitchen and enjoys reading. With her exceptional skills, experience, and caring approach, Tressa Tomei is committed to supporting caregivers and their children on their ABA journey. Parents can rely on her to provide valuable guidance and education, working together towards positive outcomes for their loved ones.