Meet Ruthanne Baxter, Early Intervention Specialist. Ruthanne is a highly experienced and dedicated Board Certified Behavior Analyst, who focuses on providing exceptional support to young learners.

Ruthanne’s educational background demonstrates her commitment to ensuring the best possible care for children. She has completed undergraduate degrees in Early Childhood Education and Private Education, equipping her with a solid foundation in effective teaching methods and personalized instruction. Additionally, she has pursued a Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis, which has deepened her expertise in making a meaningful impact on children with autism and related disorders.

Since 2008, Ruthanne has been wholeheartedly dedicated to serving preschool-to-elementary aged children. Her professional interests encompass a wide range of areas, including speech development, feeding therapy, social skills training, and staff development. This diverse range of expertise allows her to provide comprehensive and holistic support that addresses various aspects of a child’s development.

On a personal level, Ruthanne has a genuine passion for books, dogs, and coffee. She understands the importance of creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for both children and their families. With her caring nature and unwavering dedication, parents can trust that their child is receiving exceptional care and support. Ruthanne’s ability to establish strong connections with families fosters a sense of trust and collaboration, making her an invaluable partner in their journey toward positive growth and development.