Meet Lori Goudzwaard, our friendly and approachable Intake and HR Manager. With over 20 years of experience in the administrative world, Lori is a seasoned professional specializing in Payroll, Accounts Payable, and HR, providing excellent support to Senior Management and Executives. In her current role, she is excited to further develop her HR leadership skills and pursue advanced accreditation.

Lori is known for her exceptional interpersonal skills and her ability to build strong relationships with both our dedicated staff and valued clients. She believes in the power of open communication, mutual respect, and creating a collaborative work environment where everyone can thrive.

Outside of work, Lori enjoys a variety of hobbies that bring her joy. From crocheting to listening to her favorite tunes, singing, cooking up delicious meals, and tending to her garden, she finds solace and inspiration in these activities. Like many of us, she also loves diving into intriguing true crime podcasts.

Lori’s dedication, expertise, and commitment to personal and professional growth make her an incredible asset to our team. Her friendly nature and warm personality foster a positive and supportive work culture that we all appreciate. We consider ourselves fortunate to have Lori on board as our Intake and HR Manager, ensuring a friendly and welcoming experience for all.