Meet Kylie Buongiorne, a committed Director of Intensive ABA Services. With a Master’s in Behavior Analysis and extensive experience, Kylie is a great asset to her team.

Kylie’s journey in ABA began after completing her Bachelor’s in Psychology. Kylie joined Paragon as a Behavior Specialist in 2017 and from there she returned to school to learn more about ABA and quickly progressed within the company. With her experience and progression, Kylie became a Clinical Supervisor and gained additional experience in the field. After almost three years in the position, Kylie became the company’s second Professional Development Facilitator, where she helped train new and existing staff and share her knowledge about ABA.

Committed to continuous learning, She finds great fulfillment in working with both young children and teenagers, appreciating the diverse range of behaviors and skills they bring. Kylie’s dedication to her field extends beyond her professional life as she cherishes quality time with her husband, young daughter, and dog. Family outings and activities bring her great joy, and she eagerly looks forward to future travel adventures.

Caregivers can rely on Kylie’s unwavering dedication to creating a supportive and enriching environment for individuals in need of ABA services.