Daniel Bowman is an educational professional with over 25 years experience in educational roles including teaching, training, and leadership. Daniel is passionate about helping families understand ABA strategies and practice skills that will help their children succeed at home, school, and in life. Daniel has worked for Paragon as a Behavior Specialist, Training and Services Coordinator, and licensed Clinical Supervisor. Daniel is currently focused on the newly created position of Caregiver Support Liaison and the exciting opportunities for Paragon to aid family building and independence like never before.

Daniel takes to heart the importance of fostering consistent communication between families, the agency, and other providers to allow for clear paths for each student to learn independent communication skills. Daniel finds flexibility and stepping back to see skills from new angles helpful for the family and treatment team to move past challenges and see further growth.

In his down time Daniel enjoys spending time with his children, playing music, and creating written and visual arts.