Tips for commenting on 2021 ABA Manual Draft

Manual link for comment:

Parent template sample (for this template, delete any non-applicable information and replace items in parentheses):

Hello, I have had a BCaBA as my child’s ABA Supervisor for (# of months/years) during ABA therapy.  During that time, the supervisor provided the following services on a regular basis: On-site Supervision, Consultative Supervision, Parent Training/Guidance, and Assessment/Treatment Planning.

The BCaBA, under the direction of the BCBA, was a key team member for my child’s treatment, and should continue be able to bill for applicable services.

Other service provider template sample (replace items in parentheses!):

I am writing as a provider concerned with billing limitations placed on Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts/Licensed Assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBA/LaBA) in the draft iteration of the DMAS ABA therapy manual.    According to Virginia Licensure Laws and BACB guidelines for the practice of Applied Behavior Analysis, BCaBA/LaBA’s are qualified to provide supervision (CPT code 97155), parent training (CPT code 97156) and conduct certain assessments/analyze data (CPT code 97151), among others duties, under the supervision of a Licensed Behavior Analyst.

It is estimated that (#) clients across (geographic area) from our agency will be adversely affected by this billing limitation.  Please enable BCaBA/LaBA’s to use the billable codes that are in line with their training.

Find your legislator:

Reach out to your local General Assembly members after finding them here! All House offices are up for election, so they’re probably working hard to be responsive. Share your concerns and personal story, then ask for help making this change.

We will be continuing to add to this page as other ideas or information streams in.  Thank you for all of your help and support!