Consulting Services

Training for Outside Agencies and Local Schools

Paragon Autism Services is available to provide training, at little or no cost, to local agencies and schools on the principals of ABA and topics related to Autism Spectrum Disorder.  For more information about training contact

Educational Advocacy

As  part of our program our clients receive educational advocacy from their team to include their BCBA, BCaBA and Training and Services Coordinator. Our staff will attend school meetings (IEP, eligibility, etc.), suggest goals/objectives, assist in the development of BIP/FBAs and observe in the school setting.  We help families advocate for specific services, placement changes and accommodations.


Supervision for those pursuing BCBA/BCaBA Certification

Paragon Autism Services is available to provide supervision for those pursuing BCBA/BCaBA certifications.   Our supervision services include:

  • Remote and in person supervision
  • Group and individual supervision
  • Study sessions for test preparation
  • Ongoing supervision for BCaBAs
  • Employees are provided with supervision at no charge as part of their employment package.  Other professionals seeking supervision are encouraged to contact us for hourly rates

For more information about BCBA/BCaBA supervision contact