Community Events

“Social Space” group sign up:

This social skills group for 8-12 year olds with autism or similar mental health diagnoses is led by BCBA, LBA Joshua Farrow, who is the Director of ABA Outreach and Education at Paragon Autism Services.  The group will be limited to 4-6 individuals, with parent/caregiver attendance and homework required.  A range of basic social skills will be taught and practiced using games, activities, role play, etc.  The group will last 1 hour per week for 12 weeks.

Parent “Lesson Your Stress” Workshop:

This parent workshop is led by our Licensed Professional Counselor, Tia Hawkins. Parents of children with autism experience 50-75% higher levels of stress than their peers and today’s fast paced world does not make it easy to manage stress.  Stress left unchecked can eventually lead to family-wide trauma and/or bigger psychological or physiological issues.  This group aims to partner with parents to increase their awareness of the potential negative impact of stress related to parenting children with ASD, and learn healthy coping skills.

FXBG : Bounce House, Soccer, and Neurodiversity Nights – Every month on 2nd and 4th Friday, 5-6pm, at the Fredericksburg Field House:

This is a free event that includes 3 different bounce houses and also mini-soccer goals, it is usually attended by 15-25 individuals and their parents/caregivers.  The court where the event is held is enclosed, with only one exit, so it is ideal for kids that may have elopement issues.  Sign up to reserve a ticket is on Eventbrite under Paragon Autism Services, with links on our website calendar and on Facebook as well.   This event will continue at least through the end of July, but may continue after that depending on attendance/other factors.

PWC : Sensory Friendly Swimming at the PWCS Aquatic Center – May 14th, May 28th, and possibly June 11th (will be another future Saturday, if not that one), from 4:30-6pm:
This is a free event that is held at a heated pool, with a giant water slide, and other fun water contraptions – there are also a couple lanes at the lap pool available. It’s attended by ~50+ individuals with special needs and their parents/caregivers.  It is organized by Evan’s Voice Community Center and sponsored by Paragon Autism Services.

Paragon Autism Services is committed to the education of the autism community. Throughout the years we have provided trainings to promote community awareness and autism education.  Our training topics have included the IEP process, increasing communication skills, increasing social skills, and changing behavior. Paragon continues to be available to provide in-person or virtual training and workshops for professionals and school systems.  Since 2018, we have had the privilege of presenting our training titled, “Integrating Children with Special Needs into the Preschool Setting,” to over 320 local preschool teachers.  For more information about our preschool training or other community trainings contact Paragon Autism Services.  These trainings were (and still are) all offered at no cost.

Joshua Farrow, MS, BCBA, LBA is our Director of ABA Education and Outreach.  Joshua oversees all of our community outreach and education efforts and can be reached at 540-479-3889 or for outreach ideas or training/education requests (which are FREE for all pre-schools, doctor’s offices, churches, etc.)