Individualized Services

Paragon Autism Services provides direct one-on-one ABA therapy to individuals diagnosed on the autism spectrum ranging in ages from 2-21. Services are provided in the home and community settings. In addition, families are provided with bi-weekly training sessions, monthly collaboration with other service providers to include school personnel and educational advocacy as needed. Each client will work intensely, for 10-25 hours per week, with a Behavior Specialist who will utilize principals of ABA and plans designed by a Clinical Supervisor whom is a BCBA or BCaBA.

Individual ABA Sessions

Our clients meet with a Behavior Specialist 2–5 times per week in the home and community settings.

During ABA sessions, the Behavior Specialist will teach specific skills to include communication, self-help  and socialization skills as well as use behavior strategies to decrease inappropriate behaviors.

Data will be collected for all skill-building trials as well as behaviors exhibited during sessions.

Family Training

All of our families are provided with bi-weekly training sessions.  During training sessions families meet with a Training and Services Coordinator and are taught to increase their child’s socialization, self-help and communication skills, as well as strategies to reduce inappropriate behaviors.  Family-specific, as well as agency-wide training modules, are used to tailor training sessions to the family’s individual needs.

Training sessions occur in the client’s home as well as community settings to promote generalization of behavioral control. Families are encouraged to participate in sessions with Behavior Specialists where modeling of skill building procedures and prompting can be provided.

Collaborative Treatment Plans

Our staff works closely with your child’s school team as well as speech therapists, occupational therapists, feeding specialists, physical therapists, respite workers, and medical professionals to ensure consistency across treatment plans. Our staff will collaborate with your child’s team on a monthly basis.

Educational Advocacy

Our Clinical Supervisors (BCBA or BCaBA), Training and Services Coordinators and Directors (BCBA) will provide educational advocacy to ensure that your child gets the support that he/she needs to be successful in the school setting.

Our staff will attend school meetings (IEP, eligibility, etc.), suggest goals/objectives, assist in the development of BIP/FBAs and observe in the school setting. We help families advocate for specific services, placement changes and accommodations.

Detailed Assessment

Our team will assess your child using assessments to include Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills (ABLLS),  VB-MAPP, Assessment of Functional Living Skills (AFLS), Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (ATEC) and reinforcement/preference assessments prior the development of a comprehensive treatment plan.

We will assess skills in the areas of cooperation, reinforcement effectiveness, receptive language, visual performance, motor imitation, vocal imitation, intraverbals, grooming, toileting, fine motor and gross motor skills. Assessments will be analyzed by your Clinical Supervisors and/or Director.

Individualized Behavior Plans

Your Clinical Supervisor and Training and Services Coordinator will create individual behavior plans after analysis of behavior data. Families will be trained on the implementation of behavior plans by the Training and Services Coordinator.

Individualized Skill Building Programs

The Clinical Supervisor will create skill building programs after analysis of the ABLLS, VB-MAPP, AFLS,  IEP and documents provided by other service providers.  Behavior Specialists will run programs and collect data during all sessions.

Insurance Information

Paragon Autism Services is an approved Medicaid provider.  Please contact for information regarding private insurance coverage.