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September playgroup meeting!

The YMCA playground at Patriot Park worked so well for the August playgroup that we’ll do it again in September! Join us Thursday, September 4th from 4-6pm. Free and open to all. See the flyer for details!


Paragon Autism Services is Expanding!

Good afternoon all. If you or anyone you know is interested in in-home ABA services in Prince William County, please contact us! We are expanding and hope to begin services in Prince William County near the end of the year. We’ve started our waitlist for the area, so call now to secure a spot.


New Special-Needs Family Fun Night at KD’z Kidz World!

We’re excited to announce that beginning in September, KD’z Kidz World in collaboration with Paragon Autism Services will host a monthly Special-Needs Family Fun Night! The facility will be closed to the general public from 4:00-6:00 PM on the third Wednesday of each month but will be open to children with disabilities and their siblings. The first event will be Wednesday, September 17th. See the flyer below and please share with others!


A Few IEP Basics

Of the many challenges that parents encounter in attempting to meet the needs of a child with a disability, handling school and IEP issues can be especially daunting. There are many rights and protections afforded to parents of children with disabilities, but many parents simply don’t know about them. If there’s one rule to know, it’s this: If you’re not happy with your child’s IEP, don’t sign the IEP! You DO NOT have to sign anything that you don’t agree with. In your role as advocate for your child, you need to be satisfied with this document and what’s contained within it before signing. Here are some of the important things you CAN do, and others that you DON’T HAVE to do.

Things you CAN do:

  • Ask to reschedule
  • Bring anyone you want
  • Make an audio recording
  • Request relevant school staff to attend
  • Refuse to excuse staff that you want there
  • Ask for anything that you think is appropriate
  • Refuse to sign
  • Have a record in the Prior Written Notice

Things you DON’T HAVE to do:

  • Sign the IEP
  • Agree to meeting time/date if it isn’t satisfactory
  • Agree with evaluation results
  • Agree with classification determinations
  • Agree with placement decisions
  • Agree with services and accommodation offered (or not)

The IEP process should be a truly collaborative, team effort. It’s up to you to make sure that you fulfill your role as captain of the team!