About Us

Paragon Autism Service’s Mission Statement – 

Paragon Autism Services is dedicated to the growth and development of children diagnosed along the autism spectrum, their families and the autism community.  We aim to provide excellence in care through the use of Applied Behavior Analysis. Our goal is to build functional skills and reduce maladaptive behaviors in our clients while teaching families and professionals the skills necessary to ensure continued growth of individuals diagnosed on the autism spectrum as well as the autism community.

Our Values – 

  • We believe that every child has a right to individualized instruction tailored to his/her needs.
  • We believe in teaching functional skills and striving for independence.
  • We believe that collaboration with other professionals and school personal is imperative to the overall success of any program.
  • We believe that parents are the experts on their children and know their children best.
  • We believe that teaching parents is the key to long term success.
  • We believe in the use of scientifically proven techniques.
  • We believe that the professional growth of staff directly effects the quality of treatment.
  • We believe in providing education and training to the autism community.